18-22 September 2017
Yerevan, Armenia
Etc/GMT+4 timezone

Some theoretical aspects of magnetars

21 Sep 2017, 11:20
Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Department of Physics, Alex Manoogian str. 1, Yerevan, Armenia


Dr Monika Sinha (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur)


Magnetars have been observationally determined to have surface magnetic fields of order of $10^{14} –10^{15}$ G, the implied internal field strength being several orders larger. We discuss the effect of strong field on the dense matter expected to be inside neutron stars. We describe the microphysics, phenomenology, and astrophysical implication of strong field induced unpairing effect that may occur in magnetars, if the local magnetic field in the core of a magnetar exceeds a critical value. The density dependence of pairing of proton condensate implies that the critical value required for unpairing effect to occur is maximal at the crust-core interface and decreases towards the center of the star. As a consequence, magnetar cores with homogenous constant fields will be partially superconducting for “medium-field” magnetars whereas “strong-field” magnetars will be void of superconductivity. We also discuss its effect on some observational effect which depend the nature and composition of matter inside neutron stars.

Type of contribution Talk

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Dr Monika Sinha (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur)


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