Batch Operations Weekly

600/R-002 (CERN)



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    • 15:00 16:00
      Agenda 1h


      • Batch Ops weekly to replace the (not quite) daily. Confirm slot
      • New arrivals: Nikolaos Feb 1.
      • Checkpoints:
        • HTCondor local submission status (kerberos, DAGs, HAGGIS, usage so far)
          • Kerberos working in 8.5.8 + patches since before Christmas
          • Some config changes required to ensure DAGs have tokens
          • Schedds running patched 8.5.8
          • Next release (8.6.0) contains kerberos & DAG patches
          • Used for production jobs over xmas (n_tof, atlas exotics)
        • HTCondor migration
          • Working with atlast0, theory, beams, ams on migration
          • Will set date for, for eg, theory, when any usage issues have been resolved.
        • IPv6 test plan
          • BBC-1040 with status
          • Some services already confirmed (BDII, VOMS)
          • HTCondor requires CEs moving from current environment, so that firewall changes can be QA'd
        • Naughtystep
          • Switched off over Christmas, back to 100 down nodes.
          • Some OS upgraded nodes still have OS alarms: is this an osdate upgrade?
          • Lorena to help Paul get naughtystep into rundeck
        • Packer
          • Before Christmas, there were two problems. One test was taking bad repositories. There were also puppet run collisions
      • Upcoming:
        • ITUM on local HTCondor (Feb 8)
          • Need tutorials to announce (also for new starter)
        • Upgrade CEs to 8.5.8
          • Monday
        • Upgrade HTCondor WNs to 8.5.8 
          • Via naughtystep, in percentiles
        • Merge grid & "local" ? Or wait?
          • Wait
        • HNSciCloud testing
        • Testing singularity
        • Finish local submission tasks (job runtime)
        • Test queue for htcondor
          • Benchmark queue, requires ticket
      • OSDATEs, make them dynamic rather than set?
        • Yes. Prod: linux repos +2w. QA to HEAD
      • How do we want to track work? Jira sprints? Status at batchops meeting?
        • Jiras, clean up for next week
      • AOB