Jul 24 – 28, 2017
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Investigation of double beta decay of 58Ni at the Modane Underground Laboratory

Jul 25, 2017, 1:30 PM
FA055 and FA056

FA055 and FA056

Contributed talk Neutrinos Neutrino Parallel


Ekaterina Rukhadze (IEAP CTU in Prague)


Investigation of double beta decay (β+EC, EC/EC) of 58Ni was performed at the Modane underground laboratory (LSM, France, 4800 m w.e.) using the ultra-low background spectrometer Obelix and a sample of natural Ni. Spectrometer Obelix is based on P-type coaxial HPGe detector with a sensitive volume of 600 cm3 and relative efficiency of 160 %. The detector part of the cryostat is encircled by several layers of roman and low-active lead and flushed with radon-depleted air. The sample of natural nickel, containing ~68% of 58Ni with a total mass of ~21.7 kg was prepared in a shape of Marinelli beaker and placed on the Obelix detector. Three experimental runs were performed with the investigated sample in 2014 - 2017 years. New experimental limits (at 90% CL) on half-lives of β+EC and EC/EC decays of 58Ni to excited states of 58Fe were obtained in these investigations, improving the previous experimental limits by approximately two orders of magnitude.

Primary author

Ekaterina Rukhadze (IEAP CTU in Prague)

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