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Jul 24 – 28, 2017
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Thermal Behaviors of theStrong Form FactorsofCharmonium and Charmed Beauty Mesons from Three Point Sum Rules

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Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall

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Dr Enis Yazıcı


In order to understand the nature of strong interactions and QCD vacuum, investigation of the meson coupling constants have animportant role. The knowledge on the temperature dependence of the formfactors is very important for the interpretation of heavy-ioncollision experiments. Also, more accurate determination of these coupling constants plays acrucial role in understanding of the hadronic decays. With the increasing of CM energies of the experiments,researches on meson interactions have become one of more interesting problems of hadronic physics.
In this study, we analyze the temperature dependence of thestrong form factor of the BcBc J/ψ vertex using the threepointQCD sum rulesmethod.Here, we assume that with replacing the vacuum condensates and also the continuum threshold by their thermal version, the sum rules for the observables remain valid. In calculations, we take into account the additional operators, which appear in the Wilson expansion at finite temperature. We also investigated the momentumdependence of the form factor at T = 0, fit it into an analyticfunction, and extrapolate into the deep time-like region inorder to obtain a strong coupling constant of the vertex. Ourresults are consistent with the results existing in the literature.

Primary authors

Prof. Hayriye Sundu (Kocaeli University) Prof. Elsen Veli Veliev (Kocaeli University) Dr Enis Yazıcı

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