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Jul 24 – 28, 2017
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Different Conception to the Universe: The Nested Vortexes

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Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall

Poster Cosmology Poster Session


Dr Khaled Ibrahim (Al Jouf University)


The accredited contemporary theories to describe the universe are not complete or accurate to understand the structure of the universe matter and the nature of the energies. It failed to interpret many phenomena as how a particle affects another with electrical, magnetic, or gravitational force without physical contact. It does not give a meaning of how the space is curved around the stars, the meaning that a particle has a charge, or is the light is photons or waves. This paper interprets all these phenomena in a dynamic perspective. It first introduces a new conception about the structure of the universe. It assumes that the universe is a media of ultra-tiny homogeneous particles which is still undiscovered, and as any media with certain movements, probably by the big bang, vortexes could be occur. The vortex could condense the ultra-tiny particles in its center forming a bigger particle. The bigger particles in turn could be trapped in a bigger vortex and condensed in its center forming a much bigger particle and so on. This conception describes galaxies, stars, neutrons as particles at different levels and unifying the description of their behavior. This conception supports the aether and superfluid theories and violates Einstein interpretation about the gravity.

Primary author

Dr Khaled Ibrahim (Al Jouf University)

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