Jul 24 – 28, 2017
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Ultra-Low-Background Material Screening with the BetaCage Time Projection Chamber

Jul 26, 2017, 1:45 PM
Executive Learning Center

Executive Learning Center

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Michael Bowles (SDSM&T Physics Dept)


High-sensitivity, low-threshold material surface screening is necessary to meet the stringent radiopurity requirements for rare-event searches. The BetaCage is a proposed ultra-low-background time projection chamber (TPC) designed to screen alphas and low-energy betas emitted from material surfaces at trace levels, providing a transformative effect on isotopic assay efforts. I will describe the TPC design, the expected backgrounds and mitigation techniques, the estimated alpha and beta sensitivity, and the commissioning of a prototype TPC currently deployed at SDSM&T.

Primary authors

Raymond Bunker (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Sunil Golwala (Caltech) Richard Schnee (SDSM&T) Boqian Wang Darren Grant (University of Alberta) Michael Bowles (SDSM&T Physics Dept) Eric Miller (SDSM&T)

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