Jul 24 – 28, 2017
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Poster Cosmology Poster Session


Mr satish malhotra (freelance researcher, no affiliation)


Gravity is known to be a contracting force. But if it is a constant and absolute velocity (same as velocity of light) flow-- that creates space and time itself-- it becomes an expanding force—of course till the backup of the constant and consistent force (putting space as a flow and time as the delay in the flow from infinite value) continues. Applied this way, gravity though a contracting force also becomes a ‘pushing’ force or ‘an expanding’ force where ‘the pushing creating space (and time) flows’. We may give the analogy of two forces balancing each other (in the same way as a balloon has a balance between the pressure of the air inside which tries to expand the balloon with the same fundamental tension (by more and more energy addition), the rubber which tries to make the balloon contract) the massive force (of gravitational energy by its sheer power is pushing gravitational energy to be retained in space flow (a contracting coiling force), and the two can only balance when the massive force has had its way to reach the end point where the two remain balanced. If the massive force weans the space at the outmost fringe end will move inwards and if more energy is added from some radiating matter, it will expand (in the balloon analogy the balloon expands or contracts according to if more air is pumped into it or some flows out of it). Space and time for us can be summed up as: a flow which is a scalar field of gravity with zero potential difference across its entire range (dell=c, dell square=0); it is the dark energy which is a constant, consistent flow which has no break in between (if one wave comes to an end there are others following it up). It has an absolute velocity, it has constant density, has no difference in its uniformity across its entirety, it also has an absolute rotation of the quanta constituting it (duration of the time created is this unchangeable rotation or the delay in the flow from infinite velocity).
Whenever and wherever energy flow weans the reverse process of the formation of fundamental particles begins (within it the process also has the creation of charge included, the presence of charge and visibility are intimately connected). The creation of fundamental particles did not happen in the big bang, the energy flow that is space (and time) in its reverse cycle creates it and up to the level of the emergence of charge this too like the energy creating the space flow do not reflect light so are dark. This is why the energy creating space flow is invisible and dark (dark energy) and its reverse cycle till the creation of charge is dark (dark matter). Dark energy and Dark matter are both objective realities of a cycle, non- expanding universe, where former is the absolute flow of gravity is space (and time) flow itself and the latter is its reverse cycle that creates fundamental particles (dark till ionization and the process of the reflection of light has not emerged). All in all space and time flow it is the quantum gravity energy flow which has constant density, no difference in its uniformity (dell=c, dell square=0), absolute velocity, absolute rotation of the quanta constituting it (duration of the time created is this unchangeable rotation and the delay in the flow from infinite velocity); it is a scalar field-- constant consistent no break in between, if one wave comes to an end there are others following it up) flow-- with zero potential difference at any place and absolutely flat (as long as it is away from matter forms) is dark energy and its reverse cycle is in its initial stages i.e. till ionization happens is dark energy. This model of the universe—as well as that of dark energy and dark matter—as well as the complete different explanation of physics and cosmology that goes with this new construction of space and time---is a falsifiable one. One empirical observation against it and the model goes, it is asserted that not a single observation of all the innumerable observations the experimental cosmologist have made will contradict this proposition.

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Mr satish malhotra (freelance researcher, no affiliation)

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