Mini-workshop Multiparticle final states in B decays

D308 (Siegen University)


Siegen University

Universität Siegen Fakultät IV/Department Physik Theoretische Physik 1 Walter-Flex-Straße 3 57068 Siegen
Keri Vos (Universitat Siegen), Thomas Mannel (Siegen University), Alexander Khodjamirian (University of Siegen)

This mini-workshop aims to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss the recent developments in semileptonic and nonleptonic B decays with multihadron final states.

The program will consists of short invited presentations and will leave ample time for discussion.

This mini-workshop is a continuation of the series of similar workshops:

  • mini-workshop on $B\to \pi\pi \ell \nu_\ell$, ITKP Bonn, Febr. 21, 2014
  • workshop "Challenges in Non-Leptonic B Decays, Bad Honnef, Febr. 2016 

All participants are urged to register.

  • Akaki Rusetsky
  • Aleksey Rusov
  • Alexander Khodjamirian
  • alexei pivovarov
  • Andria Agadjanov
  • Bastian Kubis
  • Christoph Hanhart
  • Danny van Dyk
  • Florian Urs Bernlochner
  • Guido Bell
  • Keri Vos
  • Philipp Böer
  • Qin Qin
  • Rafael Silva Coutinho
  • Rebecca Klein
  • Shan Cheng
  • Stefan Ropertz
  • Stephan Duell
  • Stephan Kürten
  • Thomas Mannel