3rd ATTRACT TWD Symposium in Detection and Imaging (Tripolis)

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Other Institutes


Following the successful TWD Symposiums in Barcelona and in Strasbourg


the 3rd TWD focuses specifically on sensor-related data acquisition, computing, software and system integration.

The event will take place at the facilities of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese in Tripolis.

It seeks answers to the following questions: What new path breaking technologies or  concepts could be developed and used by 2025 for scientific instrumentation? What will they represent for industry, business and society?

The ATTRACT Consortium (www.attract-eu.org), in collaboration with ERDIT (http://erdit.eu/), EPS TIG  and University of Peloponnese, organizes this 3rd TWD Symposium to inspire new ideas, to help efforts for finding resources to fund new breakthrough ideas in detection and imaging.

For hotels, please consult: http://cern.uop.gr/attract2017/accommodation

Please note that a shuttle service will be available, on 30 May, at 17:00, from Athens Airport to Tripolis and on 1 June, at 12:30, from Tripolis to Athens Airport.

Please consult the Information Package for Speakers on the Barcelona pages


to prepare your contribution.

3rd ATTRACT Trends Wishes and Dreams Symposium May 31 - June 1, 2017, Tripolis
  • Alexandros Kaloxylos
  • Andreas Maras
  • Aristotelis Kyriakis
  • Christian Broennimann
  • Christos Tryfonopoulos
  • Costas Karafasoulis
  • Costas Vassilakis
  • David Sarphie
  • Emmanuel Tsesmelis
  • Enrico Gamberini
  • Georgios Lepouras
  • Giovanna Lehmann Miotto
  • Ioannis Moscholios
  • John Wood
  • Konstantinos Masselos
  • Manolis Wallace
  • Marc Schneider
  • Markus Nordberg
  • Maurizio Boscardin
  • Michael Krisch
  • Nectarios Benekos
  • Nikos Platis
  • Pablo Garcia Tello
  • Ralf Hendrik Menk
  • Spiros Skiadopoulos
  • Stavros Katsanevas
  • Theodora Papadopoulou
  • Tony Hey
  • Vassilis Poulopoulos
  • Youlia Ilieva Krasteva