Google Visit: International Women's Week



Maria-Varvara Georgiou (Athens University of Economics and Business (GR)) , Kitti Lai (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO))

On the week of International Women's Day, Google is organizing a series of events to raise awareness about diversity. WIT has been invited to join for the events on Friday March 10, for a day at the Google Zürich offices.

With us we will bring a speaker from CERN, Magda Kowalska of the ISOLDE experiment, who will speak about her career as an experimental physicist. This should be a great day and an opportunity to share experiences and get to know our peers at Google.

It will be a full-day event: transport, food and drinks will be provided. The agenda includes a tour around the Google offices, talks and networking drinks afterwards. This event is generously sponsored by CERN IT.

As this event has a limited number of participants, please make sure that you will be available before registering for this trip.

We encourage you to speak with your supervisor regarding possibilities of doing this as an official travel instead of taking a day of vacation. Make sure to inform them that there will be no subsistence required and that all travel costs are covered already. Several supervisors have already showed their support by approving Absence Requests with Absence Type “Official Trip”.

We will meet 8.15 sharp at the CERN Reception. It is important that you arrive by this time as the trip is long and we need to reach Google in due time.

The bus will leave at 8.30. We will be back at CERN by 23.00-23.30.


  • Danai Andriopoulou
  • Ioanna Koutava
  • Jaroslava Schovancova
  • Katarzyna Maria Dyga
  • Kathryn Grimm
  • Kitti Lai
  • Kristina Satara
  • Lida Zacharopoulou
  • Lorena Lobato Pardavila
  • Ludmila Marian
  • Magdalena Kowalska
  • Marcela Vitti
  • Margarita Chrysogelou
  • Maria Barcia Calvino
  • Maria-Varvara Georgiou
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Nefeli Iliana Kousi
  • Roberta Cirillo
  • Sue Foffano
  • Ulla Tihinen
  • Veronique Lefebure
WIT Steering Comittee