16-21 September 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Design and commissioning of an RFQ ion guide device for in-gas-laser-ionization studies at KU Leuven

18 Sep 2018, 16:45
500/1-201 - Mezzanine (CERN)

500/1-201 - Mezzanine


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Poster Ion guide, gas catcher, and beam manipulation techniques Poster Session 2


Simon Mark C Sels (KU Leuven (BE))


At the SPIRAL2 facility (GANIL) the LEB-REGLIS3 set-up [1] is being developed and will allow to perform laser spectroscopy studies of rare, unstable nuclei using the “In Gas Laser Ionization and Spectroscopy” (IGLIS) technique [2,3]. After separation with the S3-spectrometer, the fusion-evaporation reaction products are thermalized in a buffer gas cell, transported towards a de Laval type nozzle where they are embedded in a cold, homogeneous gas jet. Laser resonant ionization is subsequently performed and the photo ions are captured in a radiofrequency quadrupole structure, efficiently transported from a high to a low pressure region and subsequently transferred towards different detection systems.
In this contribution we report on the preparatory work that is being performed at the IGLIS laboratory at KU Leuven [4]. As part of this laboratory, an ion-guide system consisting of three RFQ-structures has been simulated using the software packages SIMION [5] and IonCool [6].
A prototype has been constructed and commissioned. An overview of the commissioning tests will be discussed.

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Primary author

Simon Mark C Sels (KU Leuven (BE))


Rafael Ferrer Garcia (KU Leuven (BE)) Alexandra Zadvornaya (KU Leuven) Mrs Elise Verstraelen (KU Leuven-IKS) Matthias Verlinde (KU Leuven (BE)) Piet Van Duppen (KU Leuven (BE)) Mr Paul Van den Bergh (KU Leuven-IKS ) Dr Yuri Kudryavtsev (KU Leuven) Mr Sandro Kraemer (KU Leuven - IKS) Mark L Huyse (KU Leuven (BE))

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