HP Visit: Leadership with Soul



WIT Steering Committee

WIT has been invited to visit Hewlett-Packard and participate in one of their Women's Network Speaker sessions! We will take 2 car shares (8 people in total) to their offices in Meyrin. We will be able to buy lunch in the HP Cafeteria, please bring some money.

Topic: Leadership with Soul: The power of your emotions in and outside the workplace 

Develop a more advanced leadership style by understanding how it looks to lead with your soul. A leader with soul uses not only IQ (Intellectual Intelligence), but EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence). Leadership with soul sets a new frontier of personal growth and organizational leadership that is already envisioned by high end organizations and leadership experts of the 21st century. SQ is not connected to any religion/faith, neither negating any of them, it is related to self-realization or development of the human potential. A leader with soul knows that sustainable success requires that we lead ourselves first to then become a catalyst for transformation in the organization, but also in our families, our communities and the world. 

A conscious leader is aware of the power of his/her mind and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions have the power to elevate you to your highest potential or bring you down to the bitterest experience. The good news is that you can manage them! You can train your brain and your heart to be strong and soft at the same time and you can then face your work life with more joy, openness and easiness. Actually, situations that early would fire a reaction, then you will be able to see them without judging and you will remain calm without suppressing. This is real resilience. The good news is that what you will learn here will be a jewel that will help you outside the workplace as well. You will be able to practice it in the comfort of your office or home.


Speaker: Lourdes Perez

Lourdes Perez is a world citizen born in Spain. Passionate humanitarian, international speaker, blogger, yoga & meditation teacher. 
Her willingness to contribute to make this world a better place moved her from the corporate to the humanitarian sector with the Red Cross. She has lived across 7 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas where she has been engaged in senior management positions in some of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world like the migration and refugee crisis in Europe. She combines her humanitarian role with her work as independent consultant on her equally important passion: supporting individuals and organizations through inner transformation. Her seminars, talks and private sessions on inner leadership & practical spirituality merge ancient philosophy with modern science. She promotes a more soulful leadership style and in 2013 was invited as one of the emerging European leaders at the AIM Albach Forum. 

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