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April 4, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone


Foacal Areas


In many discussions with individuals active in the humanitarian foresight and futures, we felt the hunger to discuss the potential of aggregation and collaboration ... and how it can help to make our work more effective and impactful.
Thus, we aim for a workshop to identify common needs and focal areas of the humanitarian sector in a fully co-created and co-owned manner.
A possible outcome would be to design together a second workshop, which also brings in the ‘un-usual suspects’ from academia, technology, financial & insurance sectors.
This six-minutes web-based video interview will allow everybody to express their interests and thus creates the workshop agenda in a need-driven and more efficient manner.


Please list 2 to 5 focal areas and indicate where you or your organisation see interest to collaborate with other organisations or sectors. For example: agile organisation structure, safer ways to exchange information, new ways to handle cash.
(100 words max.)


Please provide a professional profile from any sector, or also a specific name or organisation you would like to discuss with.
For example: I would like to talk to an expert on new trends of agile organisation, or new applications for cryptography information or someone that can give a clear picture on the developments of artificial intelligence. (100 words max.)


Please name a technology, process or organisational focal area you would like to explore more in the future and what barriers didn't allowed it to happen yet. For example: I would like to learn more about homomorphic encryption and how it will effect the humanitarian sector, but didn't had the right expert contact yet.
(100 words max.)