Collider Cross Talk

CP asymmetries in b-hadron decays at LHCb and ATLAS

by Lucio Cerrito (University and INFN Rome 2 (ITALY)), Suzanne Klaver (University of Manchester (GB))

4-2-011 - TH common room (CERN)

4-2-011 - TH common room


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Tests of CP violation in B-meson mixing and decay are a powerful tool to search for new physics and constrain Standard Model parameters. We report on two recent measurements of CP asymmetries in B mesons, performed by the LHCb and the ATLAS experiments respectively. The CP asymmetry in the mixing of Bs and anti-Bs is measured with the LHCb detector, yielding the most precise measurement to date of the semileptonic asymmetry a^s_sl. The ATLAS collaboration has performed the first measurement of charge and CP asymmetries in b-decays originated from top quark events, deriving competitive limits on direct CP asymmetries. These measurements will be presented and discussed alongside future prospects.