pilot of glexec/SCAS: check-point

28-R-14 (CERN)



Status of the pilot service Agenda: - Status of the pilot service (by VOs and sites) we'll go through the task #8986 and connected sub-tasks in http://www.cern.ch/pps/index.php?dir=./ActivityManagement/SA1DeploymentTaskTracking/ - Status of the pilot * voms issues at LANCASTER * testing of wrap/unwrap scripts - Recommendations for release and deployment - Decision about termination/extension of the pilot - AOB More info in the page: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/PpsPilotSCAS ---- Meeting Access Information: To join both the web and audio conference (recommended), click here: https://audioconf.cern.ch/call/0111353 If you only want to participate in the audio conference, you may dial in with the following numbers: +41227676000 (Main), and enter access code: 0111353
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