NewCompStar School 2017 - “Neutron stars: theory, observations and gravitational waves emission”

Rectorate (University of Sofia)


University of Sofia

15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

We are pleased to announce the fourth NewCompStar school, following the 2014 (Barcelona), 2015 (Bucharest) and 2016 (Lisbon) editions. The NewCompStar school 2017 will focus on neutron stars' theory and observations, and gravitational waves emission.



As a concluding NewCompStar school, the school is focused on a broader area, instead of choosing a particular topic. The topics include numerical relativity, relativistic hydrodynamics, neutron star binaries, neutron star oscillations, hadronic matter and high density equation of state, pulsar timing and gamma ray burst observations. Part of the lectures will focus not only on general relativity, but also on alternative theories of gravity.

The school will be scheduled as follows – up to four 1.5h lectures per day with two coffee breaks and a lunch, one excursion (sightseeing) in the afternoon, and one poster session.

Registration: Registration will be opened until August 1st.

Financial support: Applications for financial support should be made not later than June 15th. In order to apply, students are requested to provide a CV. The request for financial support should be sent at with subject "Financial support request".

Participation fee:  There is a participation fee of 200 EUR.



  • Hadronic matter and EOS 
  • Mass and radius observations of neutron stars and the constraints on the EOS
  • Mathematical foundations of numerical relativity and relativistic hydrodynamics
  • Dynamics of binary neutron stars in general relativity and alternative theories of gravity
  • Neutron star oscillations
  • Detecting gravitational waves with pulsars
  • Physics and observations of short gamma ray bursts
  • Neutron stars in alternative theories of gravity and universal relations
  • Accretion disks as probes of the physics of compact objects

Poster Session

The participating students may present their work during a poster session. The session is planned for TBA. The students who intend to participate with a poster should submit an abstract.


  • Lorenzo Amati
  • Toni Font
  • Kostas Kokkotas
  • Jutta Kunz
  • Claus Laemmerzahl
  • Roberto De Pietri
  • Luciano Rezzolla
  • Juergen Schaffner-Bielich
  • Alberto Sesana
  • Valery Suleimanov

Local organising committee:

  • Daniela Doneva
  • Petya Nedkova
  • Kalin Staykov
  • Stoytcho Yazadjiev


There are many hotels in the city center in close vicinity to the Sofia University main building. In addition, there is a metro station in front of the building and multiple bus stops, which provide an easy access from different parts of the city. 

All financially supported students will be accommodated in convenient hotels with an easy access to the university. Additional details will be announced soon.


There is a canteen in the university building. However, the school year in the Sofia University starts at October 1st, therefore the food selection will be limited. 

There are multiple restaurants in close vicinity to the main building of the university. Please check (and zoom) the map. Be aware that this is not a student area, but the city center, so the price for a meal may vary noticeably from place to place. 

This school is co-oraganised by the COST action  MP1304 NewCompStar (Exploring fundamental physics with compact stars ) and the University of Sofia.  



  • Adolfo Cisterna
  • Adrian Oeftiger
  • Alessandro Parisi
  • Amir Hossein Farajian
  • Ana Pancheva
  • Andreas Schoepe
  • Andres Scherer
  • Andrew Kozhberov
  • André Duarte
  • Armin Vahdat
  • Arus Harutyunyan
  • Aurora Clerici
  • Bharat Kumar
  • Boian Lazov
  • Boyan Kugiyski
  • Cosima Breu
  • Daniela Doneva
  • Davide Gizzi
  • Debora Lančová
  • Denitsa Staicova
  • Dimitar Popchev
  • Eda Vurgun
  • Eemeli Annala
  • Elia Giliberti
  • Elias Roland Most
  • Emma Osborne
  • faranaz ebadi
  • Federico Abbate
  • Filippos Nachmias
  • Francesco Tonelli
  • Francisco Ley
  • Gabriele Bozzola
  • Galin Gyulchev
  • Garvin Yim
  • Giovanni Camelio
  • Hesaum Farazi Majd
  • Ivan Stefanov
  • İ. Ceyhun Andaç
  • Jaroslav Vrba
  • José Rafael Fuentes
  • Juhani Mönkkönen
  • Kalin Staykov
  • Kateřina Goluchová
  • Krasimira Yankova
  • Kutay Arinc Cokluk
  • Laszlo Abel Somlai
  • Luciano Combi
  • Lukas Weih
  • Marcella Wijngaarden
  • Marco Antonelli
  • Mark Pace
  • Marko Sossich
  • Matteo Bugli
  • Melih Kara
  • Mohsen Bigdeli
  • Mozhgan Shahbazi
  • Mywish Anand
  • Márcio Ferreira
  • Nicolas Baillot d'Etivaux
  • Oliver Lux
  • Petar Pavlovic
  • Petya Nedkova
  • Radostina Zheleva
  • Reem Aboelsoud
  • Remziye Canbay
  • Renan Pereira
  • Ronaldo Vieira Lobato
  • Sagar Pratapsi
  • Sebastian Völkel
  • Sercan Cikintoglu
  • Simon Giraud
  • songül özırmak
  • Stamatis Vretinaris
  • Stanislav Varbev
  • Stoyan Mishev
  • Stoytcho Yazadjiev
  • Tasha Gautam
  • Thomas Carreau
  • thomas celora
  • Tiziana Bassi
  • Tiziano Abdelsalhin
  • Tsvetan Vetsov
  • Tuomo Salmi
  • Tyler Gorda
  • Utku Zorba
  • Vadym Khomenko
  • Vasiliy Dommes
  • Vassil Tinchev
  • Yuliya Mutafchieva
  • Zahra Asadi Aghbolaghi
  • Zahra Motahar
  • Zhivko Stoyanov