GGUS-OSG meeting 2009-07-01

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Summary and conclusions

During the meeting all issues seemed understood and Rob Quick promised to write the planned dates to do this.
This point in time is described in the relevant savannah item.
A few hours after the meeting things stopped looking as smooth, see email from Rob:
Robert Quick wrote:
> > Maria, Diana, and James,
> > 
> > I've discussed the technical mechanisms to supply ALERT and TEAM  
> > contacts to GGUS from OIM, and we think we can easily make this  
> > available. However, there are still active discussions ongoing with  
> > the Tier 1 Managers and until they have told me directly I should  
> > publish this information to GGUS, I have to keep the information  
> > gathered inside of OSG private. We will take time to explain to them  
> > the mechanisms you explained to me this morning and let you know as  
> > soon as we have more for you.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Rob

========> Reply from Diana Bosio (CERN ROC manager):
I appreciate your concerns. However, you should tell the BNL and FNAL 
site administrators that the information is already available to GGUS, 
via the GOCDB and the WLCG twiki that Maria mentions in her twiki 
document yesterday, they should be aware of that, since it was discussed 
many times.

You should also mention that GGUS is not publicly available, one has to 
have a grid certificate to access it, and in any case the e-mail 
information would only be available to support people, who can already 
obtain it via the means described above (and the twiki will remain even 
after we close the GOCDB site, being WLCG).

I really hope you manage to convince them soon as this situation has 
been dragging for quite some time now...