Coffee will be served at 3pm after the fourth contribution. Please note the change in schedule for this seminar!


D. Cobas (BE/CO), P. Mendez Lorenzo (EP/SFT), D. Piparo (EP/SFT), T. Levens (BE/BI), A. Huschauer (BE/ABP), N. Tsvetkov (BE/CO) and Ricardo De Maria from BE/ABP


The Python programming language offers a rapid prototyping environment and numerous high quality libraries for numerical analysis and plotting. For this reason several individuals and small teams developed Python tools to interact with accelerator controls and analyze machine data.

After the success of the first seminar [https://indico.], we present a series of short updates on the software tools, experiences and new initiatives that emerged since then:

  • Python Focus Group and BE/CO Python support (D. Cobas, BE/CO)
  • Python support on experimental physics software distribution (LCG) and CVMFS repository (P. Mendez Lorenzo, EP/SFT)
  • Service for Web base analysis (SWAN) for interactive data analysis in the cloud (D. Piparo, EP/SFT)
  • Update on existing CO library wrappers: cmmnbuild-dep-manager, pyjapc, pytimber (T. Levens, BE/BI)
  • Experiences with Python Data Analysis Library (Pandas) and pytimber for injector data analysis (A. Huschauer, BE/ABP)
  • Next generation Logging (NXCals) development and its Python API (N. Tsvetkov, BE/CO)

We invite first time Python users, experts and developers as an occasion to share the best practices and to contribute to the build-up of a lively BE Python community.

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