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Federated Identity Management for Research – where are we now?

Federated Identity Management (FIM) is gaining ground in the authentication and authorization space for research collaborations. The ability for a user to log in to a resource with an identity from their home organization reduces the need for local accounts and provides a uniform login method for researchers across a range of services. 

In 2012, a group of research communities jointly wrote a whitepaper documenting their pre-requisites for wide scale adoption of FIM, and their recommendations for infrastructures, institutions and funding bodies. This paper, dubbed FIM4Rv1, strongly influenced the direction of FIM in academia. 5 years later, the opportunities offered by FIM (and the remaining challenges) have evolved. Once again, research collaborations are mobilizing to produce a second version of the whitepaper.

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FIM4Rv1 paper:

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Meeting objectives

• Raise awareness of the upcoming FIM4Rv2 whitepaper
• Gain feedback on content for FIM4Rv2 whitepaper

Meeting agenda

• Background of FIM4R 
• Evolution of FIM in the last 5 years 
• FIM4Rv2 Key Points 
• Research Community Perspectives, EUDAT and CLARIN
• Discussion and Next Steps

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