MyCERN scoping sub-WG meeting #5

4/R-050 (CERN)



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  • Derek Mathieson
  • Doris Chromek-Burckhart
  • Thomas Baron
  • Minutes from meeting #4 are discussed and slightly modified according Doris' comments. They are approved.
  • Discussions start on the convenience tools
    • The interest of these lightweight tools relies mainly on their attractiveness for the main users, on their centralisation, and on their availability for mobiles.
    • They should be lightweight interfaces over existing services.
    • List of events of interest
      • Indico export APIs exist and the implementation would be very cheap; the feature is considered useful.
    • Phonebook (not lightweight phonebook)
      • The myCERN implementation should use the phonebook API which is planned to be implemented in the future.
    • List of on-site services
      • This information exists as a static text page that would be transferred to the information hub
      • It also exists as structured information in SNow.
      • The detailed analysis will have to determine the resources needed to automate the dynamic generation of the information page.
    • Map of CERN points of interest
      • Should use information from mapcern; is there an existing interface; check Yuri Robert/Olaf [Thomas]
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