27-28 July 2017
WH8XO (Hornet's Nest)
America/Chicago timezone

The aim of this workshop is to discuss strategies for dark matter searches at the LHC in the high-luminosity era. We will discuss potential developments in the areas of analysis techniques, future detector upgrades, and phenomenology and how each of these areas can impact the discovery potential for dark matter at collider experiments.

Matteo Cremonesi (Fermilab)
Bo Jayatilaka (Fermilab)
Bjoern Penning (U. Bristol/Brandeis)

Organizing Committee:
John Alison (U. Chicago)
Antonio Boveia (Ohio State U.)
Yangyang Cheng (Cornell U.)
Albert De Roeck (U. Antwerp/CERN)
Christoph Paus (MIT)

Local Organizing Committee:
Gabriele Benelli (Brown U.)
Matteo Cremonesi (Fermilab)
Bo Jayatilaka (Fermilab)
Benjamin Kreis (Fermilab)
Abdollah Mohammadi (Kansas State U.)
Marco Trovato (Northwestern U.)

LPC coordinators: 
Cecilia Gerber (UIC)
Boaz Klima (Fermilab)

LPC events committee:
Gabriele Benelli (Brown U)
Ben Kreis (Fermilab)

WH8XO (Hornet's Nest)