30-7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium (CERN)

30-7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium


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Eva Barbara Holzer (CERN)


Silvia Schuh-Erhard -- BE/ABP



The biomedical community asked CERN to investigate the possibility to transform the Low Energy Ion Ring (LEIR) accelerator into a multidisciplinary, biomedical research facility (BioLEIR) that could provide ample, high-quality beams of a range of light ions suitable for clinically oriented fundamental research on cell cultures and for radiation instrumentation development. BioLEIR would be operated when LEIR is not providing heavy ions for the CERN physics programme. A study group was mandated to write a Feasibility Study Report, using high-level engineering estimates based on previous experience. The study was published as a Yellow Report in March 2017.

In this seminar, we will discuss the biomedical context and requirements for the facility, as well as the conceptual design of BioLEIR and conclude with the preferred installation scenario and the expected facility cost.

  • Adriana Rossi
  • Alexandre Lasheen
  • Benedikt Würkner
  • Carlo Rossi
  • Django Manglunki
  • Felix Soubelet
  • Francesco Zappon
  • Johanna Pitters
  • Joschka Wagner
  • Josué Rodríguez
  • Karolina Kulesz
  • Kobzeva Lisa
  • Marcin Bartosik
  • Matthias Haase
  • Ole Marqversen
  • Pablo Paz Neira
  • Patrick Odier
  • Sergey Sadovich
  • Sergio Pasinelli
  • Stavroula Pallada
  • Steen Jensen
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