15-17 November 2017
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Abstract Submission Guideline (by INDICO)

Guidance for abstract submission of ICABU2017 homepage

    - create indico(CERN) account (consult fig. 1 below)

      click here: https://account.cern.ch/account/Externals/RegisterAccount.aspx


  Fig 1. create indico(CERN) account

    - set/change passwd of indico(CERN) account (consult fig 2)

      : After creating indico account according fig 1, link for password setting of  indico

        (CERN) will be sent to your e-mail. (password can be set/modified)


  fig 2. set/change passwd of indico(CERN) account

    - Conference Registration by Registration Form in ICABU homepage (consult fig 3)


  fig 3. Registration Form in ICABU homepage

    - Abstract Submission in Conference Registration-Abstraction menu of ICABU 2017


       1. To submit abstract, click submit new abstract button after clicking Conference

           Registration-Abstract menu (consult fig 4)


  fig 4. submit new abstract button

      2. Type indico(CERN) ID and password (consult fig 5)


  fig 5. Type indico(CERN) id and password

      3. If your abstracts are related to proton/ion beam utilization, you should choose

          KOPUA radio button. (consult fig 6)


  fig 6. KOPUA radio button in abstract submission form


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