# Argus Collaboration - 23/6/2017


Present : Andrea, Marco, Mischa, Michel

## General News

WLCG workshop: an Authorization WG was created (led by Romain?) and VOMS/Argus developers 
are welcome
* Ask Romain and Maarten about more details

End of support of Globus: no direct impact on Argus, except the gsiftp callout
* Mischa: personal preference is to form something like a consortium (a la Argus) and split off what we need in Globus (GSI, gridftp, myproxy). Tend to think that former Globus Europe (IGE) partners might be interested in helping, all on a best effort basis
  * PRACE also has some dependency on Globus products (e.g. gsissh)
* Not necessarily more difficult than Argus support...
* Need also to get the feedback for Manchester
* Most of our SW could probably live without a Globus dependency in the long term but 
in the short term we need to maintain them

## 1.7.1 Release Status

1 issue related with the policy distribution for central banning found recently
* https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=128993
* Fix already done/available/tested
* Proposal is to release 1.7.2 with this PAP fix and include it in next UMD release: agreed
  * Packages should be available soon (beginning of next week)
  * To be checked with Vincenzo to see if this is possible without delaying the release...

## Open issues

Format used to display the certificates in pap-admin list-acl is still the openssl format, but add-ace needs LDAP format
* Normally doesn't impact the support of both openssl and LDAP format: to be checked 
in last release (one problem found in 1.6.2) 

PDP sometimes blocking: may be related to an insufficient entropy
* https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=127962
* When the analysis is confirmed by IRFU, will add something to the doc about this entropy 
  * Not specific to Argus: true for any SSL service

## AOB

Next meeting: in september but Friday will hardly work and many absent. [Doodle](https://doodle.com/poll/hetzr28zqthmta7f) started.