15-16 March 2018
Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec
Europe/Zurich timezone

Welcome talk on behalf of HEPTech

15 Mar 2018, 10:10
Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec

Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec

Starý Smokovec 38 High Tatras, Slovakia


Jean-Marie Le Goff (CERN)


The mutual impact of HEP and the concept of Industry 4.0 is an important open problem which merits a discussion on a variety of topics. Government organizations, academia and industry alike are expected to contribute valuable ideas to the debate. As a result, HEPTech has decided to organise a series of events focusing on the impact of Industry 4.0 on HEP and vice versa. The first AIME on this topic is being hosted by the Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia.

About the speaker:
Jean-Marie is the Chairman of HEPTech, the Knowledge Transfer network of HEP Institutions based out of CERN and covering 26 institutes in 16 Countries. Jean-Marie is a senior physicist and computer scientist at CERN in charge of the Collaboration Spotting (CS) project, a visualisation and navigation platform for large and complex datasets. It uses graphs and semantic and structural data abstraction techniques to assist domain experts in creating knowledge out of big data. A pilot has been developed for the compatibility and dependency relationships in software and meta-data of the LHCb experiment and for patent and scientific information analytics to identify leading industrial players in technologies that are strategic for the HEP research programme. In collaboration with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Wigner Research Physics Centre (Hungary), pilots on Pharmaco- analytics, neuro-science, IT-analytics and university ranking are currently under development.
Previously, Jean-Marie was the project leader of CRISTAL, a description driven software development dedicated to the tracking and assembly of the detector, including the full physics characterization of individual parts with a view to providing the static calibration data to be used for the reconstruction of the events in the L3 experiment at LEP. The software is currently used in industry as a versatile BPM platform.

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