Apr 16 – 20, 2018
Kobe University Convention Centre / Kobe International Conference Center
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Suppression of gluon polarization in angular asymmetries

Apr 17, 2018, 10:10 AM
504 (Kobe International Convention Centre)


Kobe International Convention Centre

WG6: Spin and 3D structure WG6: Spin and 3D structure


Yajin Zhou (Shandong University)


First we perform a phenomenological analysis of the cos 2φ azimuthal asymmetry in virtual photon plus jet production induced by the linear polarization of gluons in unpolarized pA collisions. Employing a small-x model input distribution, the asymmetry is found to be strongly suppressed under TMD evolution, but still remains sufficiently large to be measurable in the typical kinematical region accessible at RHIC or LHC at moderate photon virtuality, whereas it is expected to be negligible in Z/W-jet pair production at LHC. We also investigate the energy evolution of the dipole type T-odd gluon TMDs inside a transversely polarized hadron, which unify at small x. The preliminary results shows that these TMDs are also suppressed under TMD evolution.

Primary author

Yajin Zhou (Shandong University)


Daniel Boer Piet Mulders (VU/Nikhef) jian zhou (ShanDong University)

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