19-23 March 2018
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In-medium properties of $B_0$ and $B_{s0}$ mesons in hot and dense strange hadronic medium.

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University of Regensburg, Germany


We investigate the effect of temperature, strangeness fraction and density of the medium on the in-medium
properties of the $B_0$ and $B_{s0}$ mesons using QCD sum rules and chiral SU(3) model. We focus on the evaluation
of the in-medium masses and decay constants of above scalar $B_0$ and $B_{s0}$ mesons. In-medium light quark
condensates,$\left\langle \bar{q}q\right\rangle_{\rho_B}$, strange quark condensates $\left\langle \bar{s}s\right\rangle_{\rho_B}$, and gluon condensates $\left\langle \frac{\alpha_{s}}{\pi} {G^a}_{\mu\nu} {G^a}^{\mu\nu} \right\rangle_{\rho_B}$
needed in QCD sum rule calculations are evaluated using chiral SU(3) model. These results are important
in order to understand the production $\Upsilon$ state in heavy ion collision experiments, and the possibility on the
formation of B-N bound states. Furthermore, these results may be verified from the possible outcomes of the
future experiments like CBM and PANDA under the FAIR facility. We also compare the results of the present
investigation with the available data.

Primary authors

Mr Rahul Chhabra (National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar) Mr Arvind kumar (National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar)

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