Hydrophone characterization for the KM3NeT experiment

Jun 14, 2018, 10:00 AM


Ernst-Jan Buis (TNO)


With the KM3NeT experiment, which is presently under construction in the
Mediterean Sea, a new neutrino telescope will be installed to study both neutrino
properties as well as their astrophysical sources. To do so, about 6000 optical modules
will be installed in the abyss of the Mediterean Sea, and are used to observe the
Cherekov radiation induced by energy particle interactions in the deep sea. As
each module of the KM3NeT the telesope includes a hydrophone, KM3NeT will alo
provide a unique matrix of underwater hydrophone. We report on characterization
measurements of the piezo-hydrophones in our laboratories. Results from these
measurements will be used to assess the potential of KM3NeT in acoustic detection
of neutrinos.

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