ISOTDAQ 2018 : program discussion

4-3-001 (CERN)



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To be discussed :

  1. Advertisement
  2. Vienna : news from local organizers
  3. Material for the labs, in particular what will be provided by Vienna
  4. Status of Lab 13 (SoC FPGA) and secret lab
  5. Program discussion

Actions (from last time) :

  • Decide whether to ask NI if they want to send a lecturer or find a new lecturer for the LabView lecture. (COC)
  • Investigate a new partnership with a company (LOC)
  • Lecturers and tutors tell whether they can come (all)
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Excused : Maurício Féo, Gianluca Lamanna?, Roberto Ferrari

Present : Manoel, Cristovao, Niko Neufeld, Paolo, Francesca Pastore, Alessandro Thea, Andrea Negri



  1. Send email to NI about the lab (Markus)
  2. Ask Peter if he wants to give the timing lecture (Barth). He could be replace Sophie.
  3. See if people's institute can afford to pay for their travel and stay (COC)
  4. Send cover letter to staff mailing list (Barth)


Candidates : the 5 listed in the wiki are kept but the one from Mandakini depends if she invited as a tutor.

  • The Trigger and DAQ system of the EUDET-type beam telescopes
  • Lecture in trigger domain  (local lecture)
  • Waveform Digitizing and Signal Processing
  • Med Austron

Do we have too much about trigger ? can we redistribute the ones we already have ?

Possible removal of existing lectures (due to lack of lecturer or topic) :

  • 16 : Programming for today's physicist and engineers
  • 17 : Threaded programming
  • 23 : The TDAQ system of the MEG Experiment
  • 26 : Timing for DAQ

There is debate whether we should remove the lectures about programming.

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