Monitoring Requirements

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Benjamin Farnham (CERN), Timo Hakulinen (CERN)

The BE-ICS group is responsible for a diverse range of systems playing key roles in the day-to-day functioning of the laboratory, from control and monitoring of cryogenics to ensuring site-wide access control for personnel, goods and vehicles. The health of these systems is monitored through various means to ensure their high availability and correct function, when faults do occur, diagnosis must be accurate and rapid. Faults may even be avoided through early detection.

This Technical Committee is focused on defining the health monitoring requirements of the group. This includes both current requirements and requirements expected to come in to play in the near future.

The goal is to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the common group definition of monitoring system health?
  • Which aspects of a system are (or should be) monitored?
  • How are systems monitored currently?
  • Are there too many/not enough monitoring systems in play currently?
  • What benefits could there be in changing the current status quo in system health monitoring


    • 16:00 16:05
      Introduction 5m

      Overview of the goals of the Technical Committee

      Speaker: Benjamin Farnham (CERN)
    • 16:05 16:25
      Presentation of the survey results 20m

      Group members were invited to complete an on-line survey, the goal being to collect information on current and forthcoming system health monitoring efforts in the group. The survey results are presented here.

      Speaker: Timo Hakulinen (CERN)
    • 16:25 16:45
      Presentation of new capabilities in monitoring system health 20m

      In the context of the CERN openlab collaboration, Filipo Tilaro has been working on data analysis in the context of control systems. Filipo will present novel methods and approaches relevant to monitoring system health

      Speaker: Filippo Maria Tilaro (CERN)
    • 16:45 17:25
      Group discussion: discuss the questions defined in the agenda.

      Discussion to define group answers to the 5 questions outlined in the agenda

      Conveners: Benjamin Farnham (CERN), Timo Hakulinen (CERN)
    • 17:25 17:30
      Round up: Review the group definitions and actions regarding monitoring requirements

      Review the summary responses and actions concerning the group's monitoring requirements

      Conveners: Benjamin Farnham (CERN), Timo Hakulinen (CERN)
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