3-6 April 2018
U. of Heidelberg / KIP
Europe/Zurich timezone

Search for electroweak production of supersymmetric states in scenarios with compressed mass spectra at √s=13 TeV with ATLAS

5 Apr 2018, 17:00
Room 1.403+1.404 (first floor) (U. Heidelberg / KIP)

Room 1.403+1.404 (first floor)

U. Heidelberg / KIP

First floor, two doors to big seminar room 1.403+1.404
Default track Open Session C)


Jesse Liu (University of Oxford)


Dark matter coannihilation via species with only electroweak interactions is generically realised in the MSSM. Key benchmarks include a Higgsino-dominated LSP, or a bino LSP coannihilating with winos or sleptons that are nearby in mass. Hadron collider probes of these compressed scenarios are only recently surpassing nearly two-decade-old LEP limits. A search strategy is presented that opens new sensitivity to these challenging regimes using an ISR boost and soft lepton reconstruction down to 4 GeV - among the lowest used by ATLAS.

Primary author

Jesse Liu (University of Oxford)

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