High Power RF Source Activities at IHEP

6 Jun 2018, 17:40


Dr Zusheng Zhou (IHEP)


The high power RF sources system includes high power klystron, modulator, PSM power suppler, and solid state amplifier. There are 2856MHz klystron and modulators at BEPCII Linac, 1.3GHz klystron and max modulator on test platform for superconducting cavities system, 325MW CW klystron and PSM power supply for ADS RFQ system and 325MW solid state amplifiers for ADS SRF system. The 650MHz 150kW solid state amplifier is also successful development for ADS main accelerator. The design progress on CEPC high efficiency klystron is also showed in this paper. This paper describes activities of RF power system and its related technology development at IHEP.

Primary author

Dr Zusheng Zhou (IHEP)

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