The Argonne Cathode Test-Stand (ACT) and Its first experiment

7 Jun 2018, 09:50


Chunguang Jing (Euclid Techlabs LLC/Argonne National Laboratory)


The Argonne Cathode Test-stand (ACT) is a unique testbed to develop cathodes and to conduct fundamental surface study under ultra-high rf field (up to 700 MV/m with pin-shaped cathodes). The test-stand consists of an L-band 1.3 GHz single-cell photocathode rf gun and a field emission (FE) imaging system to locate emitters with a resolution of ~20 um. In the recent upgrade, UV laser has been introduced to improve the imaging system and to significantly expand the ACT towards photoemission and laser-assisted field emission research. In addition, a load-lock system has been added to the beam line to expedite the cathode switching period. We will present details of the ACT beamline as well as the first commission experiment.

Primary author

Chunguang Jing (Euclid Techlabs LLC/Argonne National Laboratory)

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