High gradient RF activities of projects at SINAP

Jun 6, 2018, 11:00 AM


Wencheng Fang (SINAP)


X-band and C-band high gradient technology, as crucial technology of projects, have been developed for several years. C-band high gradient RF structure reached 50.8MV/m by beam test, and finally has been used for main linac of SXFEL project. Based on mutual system, C-band RF system is extended for many other projects, such as UED and injector of light source. As advanced technique, X-band RF system is also under develop at SINAP, beginning with X-band linearizer in SXFEL, one X-band high power test setup will be built soon, many RF structures will also been ready soon for experiment of high power test, and it will carry out higher accelerating gradient for compact facility, in particular for compact FEL facility. This talk will introduce high gradient RF activities for projects at SINAP, including SXFEL, UED, SLRI and test setup.

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