17 November 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

PSB RF After LS2: New Systems, New Challenges, New Possibilities


Simon Albright (BE-RF-BR)


The LIU-PSB project is intended to double the brightness delivered by the PSB. To meet this requirement significant PSB upgrades are planned during LS2, including increased injection and extraction energies, new RF systems and a new injection process. The three existing RF systems are tuneable narrow-band ferrite-loaded cavities will be replaced with broadband FinemetTM loaded cavities. This system, currently being tested in one PSB ring, should enable greater flexibility and redundancy than in current operation. The potential of the FinemetTM cavities comes with the cost of a large impedance over many revolution harmonics, which would be very destructive if not adequately compensated. This talk will explore ongoing research in PSB longitudinal beam dynamics, including two different approaches to emittance blow-up and space charge mitigation at capture with results based on a combination of measurements and BLonD simulations.

Start time: 14:30

Coffee will be served before the seminar, at 2.15 p.m.

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