WG2 winter meeting

4-3-006 - TH Conference Room (CERN)

4-3-006 - TH Conference Room


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STXS theory (Frank)
- 100% correlation between WH & ZH
  o Run 1 further correlated with VV and gg->ZH/VV
  o How to correlate with backgrounds?

- PDF+alphaS?
  o Standard propagation techniques
  o PDF sets can be reduced from 100 to 30 but should be checked for each case

- Can we get the PS+UE uncertainty into this scheme?

STXS experiment (Frank/Pedja)
- New ggF pTH bins (200,350,500,inf)
  o pTH>350 bins include all jet multiplicities
  o Should we move 350 to 300 so that we can potentially measure the 300-500 bin?
    x Consensus is to keep 350 because of theory preference and prior diffXS agreement

- Will add flag for STXS version for user

- Need to figure out how to provide covariances of bins with low yields

- Long discussion on adding POs to STXS, make sure it is independent of production (decay info only)

- Can we use the STXS uncertainty prescription for diffXS?

PO results from ATLAS (Andrea)
- plan to separate 4e, 4mu and 2e2mu for the future

- Angular information could be added to improve sensitivity, however the effect is expected to be small
  o Further study is required to quantify this

- POs are extracted from double differential cross sections to demonstrate an application of the measurements
  o A dedicated & optimized PO analysis should be developed to extract more information from the events

PO prospects (Admir)
- if PO observed then it indicates EW breaking is non-linear (linear breaking more tightly constrained)

- should consider how to optimize analyses for determining these couplings

- are POs used to constrain specific models?  not competitive with other bounds, so not used

- try to choose one framework and work to optimize and document to facilitate future combination
  o consider both inclusive and exclusive of production information


EFT results from ATLAS (Gabija)
- fit CWW-cB since S=cWW+cB is constrained by EW data and taken to be zero

Equations relating STXS to EFT (Chris)
- decay can be incorporated once it is settled how to add it to STXS

- effect on background will need to be taken into account with full EFT

EFT @ NLO in QCD (Eleni)
- near-term will make existing operators public

- soon to add 4-fermion couplings

- can add running couplings in the future

CP-odd operators and information geometry (Tilman)
- imaginary 're-scattering' component of CP-even coefficient can affect VBF CP-odd coefficient determination
  o not an effect in a standard EFT treatment (coefficients are real)

- is Dphijj optimal?  Dphill?

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