Jul 4 – 11, 2018
Asia/Seoul timezone

SM and BSM Higgs physics at the LHeC and the FCC-eh

Jul 7, 2018, 5:30 PM
202 (COEX, Seoul)


COEX, Seoul

Parallel Higgs Physics Higgs Physics


Chen Zhang (Peking, China)


Energy-frontier DIS can be realised at CERN through an energy recovery linac that would produce 60 GeV electrons to collide with the HL-LHC or later HE-LHC (LHeC) or eventually the FCC hadron beams (FCC-eh). It would deliver electron-proton collisions with centre-of-mass energies of 1.2 and 3.5 TeV, respectively, at luminosities exceeding $10^{34}$ cm$^{−2}$s$^{−1}$. The SM cross section for charged current (CC) Higgs production in polarised e$^-$p scattering is 0.2 (1) pb, respectively, which offers a unique potential for high precision and novel Higgs physics. A summary will be given on the CC, as well as NC, SM decay fraction and resulting coupling measurements, and different possibilities are presented on BSM Higgs physics, both regarding exotic H decays, such as into DM, and extended Higgs theories.

Primary author

Chen Zhang (Peking, China)

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