Jul 4 – 11, 2018
Asia/Seoul timezone

Measurements of ttbar+X using the ATLAS detector

Jul 5, 2018, 11:15 AM
209 (COEX, Seoul)


COEX, Seoul

Parallel Top Quark and Electroweak Physics Top Quark and Electroweak Physics


Marisa Sandhoff (Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal (DE))


The large centre-of-mass energy available at the proton-proton collider LHC allows for the copious production of top quark pairs in association with other final state particles at high transverse momenta. The ATLAS experiment has measured several final state observables that are sensitive to additional radiation in top anti-top quark final states. Results on the top production in association with W and Z bosons are presented as well as top pair production with a photon or with b quarks. These measurements are compared to modern Monte Carlo generators based on NLO QCD matrix elements.

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