10-16 June 2018
Dalhousie University
America/Halifax timezone
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Modification of Landau levels and degeneracy due to a parallel linear electric field

11 Jun 2018, 12:00
McCain 2017 (cap.36) (Dalhousie University)

McCain 2017 (cap.36)

Dalhousie University

Oral Competition (Graduate Student) / Compétition orale (Étudiant(e) du 2e ou 3e cycle) Theoretical Physics / Physique théorique (DTP-DPT) M1-4 Quantum Theory (DTP) | Théorie quantique (DPT)


Yann Audin (Bishop's University)


When a charged particle moves in a plane perpendicular to a constant magnetic field (z-direction) the discrete energy levels are called Landau levels. The energies resemble those of the harmonic oscillator with $\omega$ the cyclotron frequency $\omega_c$. The energies are highly degenerate, with the degeneracy being independent of the energy. We now add a linear electric field parallel to the magnetic field above the plane and anti-parallel below the plane. This introduces a second frequency $\omega_z$ associated with oscillations along the z-direction. We show how the Landau levels get modified, but more crucially show that the degeneracy increases with energy, with critical jumps when $\omega_z$/$\omega_c$ is a rational number.

Primary authors

Yann Audin (Bishop's University) Prof. Ariel Edery

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