Loopholes in Z' searches: exploring supersymmetry and leptophobia

26 Jul 2018, 15:30
Room A

Room A


Gennaro Corcella (INFN - LNF)


Searches for GUT-inspired heavy gauge bosons Z' have been so far carried out by assuming that they can decay according to Standard Model modes, namely dilepton and dijet final states. I will discuss Z' phenomenology in a U(1) extension of the MSSM, where it can decay into sleptons, squarks and gauginos, leading to final states
with charged leptons and missing energy. In particular, I will explore scenatios where the Z' is leptophobic and therefore leptonic final states can arise only through supersymmetric cascades. Th exclusion limits on the Z' mass will be recast once accounting for supersymmetry and leptophobia.

Parallel Session Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results

Primary author

Gennaro Corcella (INFN - LNF)

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