Fast computation of electroweakino cross-sections: the EWKFast tool

24 Jul 2018, 15:18
Plaza 1

Plaza 1


Dr Kazuki Sakurai (University of Warsaw)


Phenomenological studies of SUSY models typically imply the sampling of multidimensional parameter spaces. Each parameter point needs to be checked against the available theoretical and experimental limits from indirect and direct SUSY searches. The constraints from electroweakino searches are particularly challenging due to the computational resources needed to calculate their production cross section using the currently available tools. We address this issue and present a novel computer program (EWKFast) to compute electroweakino cross-sections at hadron colliders, at NLO-QCD, which has been optimized for speed. Our approach is based on the observation that the cross-section can be written as a sum of terms, each of which can be factorized in a coefficient, which depends on the electroweakino mixing-angles times a kinematical function which solely depends on their masses. The latter needs to be evaluate numerically, which is time consuming. In our approach the values of the kinematical functions are interpolated from pre-calculated grids. As an example of application, we will present the recasting of a few LHC electroweakinos searches.

Parallel Session Precision Calculations and MC tools

Primary author


Lisa Zeune Michele Papucci (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Dr Kazuki Sakurai (University of Warsaw)

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