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Searches for Dark Matter mediators with the ATLAS Detector

26 Jul 2018, 15:10
Room C

Room C


Sabine Crepe-Renaudin (LPSC-Grenoble, CNRS/UGA (FR))


The search for dark matter can be performed indirectly at the LHC by looking for the intermediate mediators which would couple the dark matter particles to the Standard Model. The mediator could indeed decay to jets or leptons, leading to a resonant signature which can be probed. The talk will present the results of these searches with the ATLAS detector and show their complementarity with the other ATLAS searches looking directly for Dark Matter.

Parallel Session Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics

Primary author

Sabine Crepe-Renaudin (LPSC-Grenoble, CNRS/UGA (FR))

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