Cosmological domain walls in the Standard Model and beyond

26 Jul 2018, 17:00
Plaza 8

Plaza 8


Tomasz Krajewski (University of Warsaw)


Cosmological domain walls have been widely studied in numerical lattice simulations in the past. The main effort was to understand the dynamics of domain walls in the case of spontaneous breaking of global discrete symmetries which are often present in supersymmetric theories. It was found that networks formed by cosmological domain walls are (meta)stable if vacua between which walls interpolate are connected by the (approximate) symmetry.

However, the scenario in which vacua belong to different orbits of the action of the symmetry group is possible too. It is realized, for example, by domain walls of the Higgs field in the Standard Model. Investigating the dynamics of Higgs domain walls in extensions of the Standard Model we found that degeneracy of minima of the potential is insufficient to ensure longevity of the networks.

Results of our studies on the influence of asymmetry of the potential on the dynamics of cosmological domain walls will be presented.

Parallel Session Cosmology and Gravitational Waves

Primary authors

Zygmunt Adam Lalak (University of Warsaw (PL)) Marek Lewicki (Kings College London) Pawel Olszewski (University of Warsaw) Tomasz Krajewski (University of Warsaw)

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