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Production of squarks at the LHC in R-symmetric SUSY

25 Jul 2018, 17:00
Room A

Room A


Philip Diessner (DESY)


Experimental limits from LHC searches on the masses of SUSY states are becoming quite stringent, especially for the gluino of the MSSM. The MRSSM is an alternative supersymmetric model featuring an unbroken R-symmetry. This leads leads to the prediction of a Dirac-type gluino. Compellingly, it is natural for a Dirac gluino to have a large mass outside the current bounds. The Dirac nature also has a strong effect on the production cross section of squarks.

For an accurate prediction of the production strongly interacting SUSY states at the LHC next-to leading order corrections are relevant and need to be considered. Recently, these results become available for the case of SUSY QCD with a Dirac gluino. In this talk I will present results on how the production of strongly interacting MRSSM states at Run 2 of the LHC is constrained including these corrections. Special emphasis will also be put on a comparison to the MSSM.

Parallel Session Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results

Primary authors

Philip Diessner (DESY) Wojciech Kotlarski (TU - Dresden) Prof. Dominik Stöckinger (TU Dresden) Jan Henryk Kalinowski (University of Warsaw (PL))

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