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Light axino dark matter and freeze-in production

25 Jul 2018, 14:50
Room C

Room C


Dr Kyu Jung Bae (Institute for Basic Science)


I consider the keV scale axino dark matter in the supersymmetric Dine-Fischler-Srednicki-Zhitnitsky (DFSZ) axion model. The axino dark matter is dominantly produced from freeze-in processes, and it decays into a monochromatic photon that can be measured by X-ray observations. However, keV scale dark matter normally has a tension with the constraints from Ly-alpha forest data. In this talk, I will present details of the freeze-in production of DFSZ axino dark matter that relieves the tension. I will also discuss how the bilinear R-parity violation lead to axino dark matter decay.

Parallel Session Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics

Primary authors

Dr Kyu Jung Bae (Institute for Basic Science) Ayuki Kamada (Institute for Basic Science) Seng Pei Liew (Technische Universit¨at M¨unchen) Keisuke Yanagi (University of Tokyo)

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