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Non-minimal quartic inflation in classically conformal U(1)' extended standard model

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Hotel Catalonia Plaza (Barcelona)

Hotel Catalonia Plaza


Hotel Catalonia Plaza, Plaça Espanya, 6-8
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Dr Satsuki Oda (OIST, Japan)


A classically conformal U(1)$^\prime$ extended Standard Model (SM)
is a simple and well-motivated extension of the SM,
where a new anomaly free U(1)$^\prime$ gauge symmetry is introduced
along with a U(1)$^\prime$ Higgs field $\Phi$ and three right-handed neutrinos.
In this model, the U(1)$^\prime$ gauge symmetry is broken
by the Coleman-Weinberg mechanism naturally at the TeV scale,
which subsequently triggers the electroweak symmetry breaking.
In this context, we consider quartic inflation with non-minimal gravitational coupling,
where the U(1)$^\prime$ Higgs field $\Phi$ is identified with inflation.
Through the Coleman-Weinberg mechanism, the quartic coupling of $\Phi$
has a relation with the U(1)$^\prime$ gauge coupling and the Majorana Yukawa couplings
of the right-handed neutrinos, and as a result
the inflationary predictions correlate with the gauge coupling and the Majorana Yukawa couplings.
Combining the constraints from the electroweak vacuum stability,
the search result for a U(1)$^\prime$ boson resonance at the LHC Run-2 and the Planck 2015 results,
we identify a phenomenologically viable parameter space.

Parallel Session Cosmology and Gravitational Waves

Primary authors

Dr Satsuki Oda (OIST, Japan) Dr Dai-suke Takahashi (OIST, Japan) Prof. Nobuchika Okada (Univercity of Alabama, USA) Dr Digesh Raut (University of Alabama)

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