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Determination of the Higgs masses in the MSSM with heavy superparticles

24 Jul 2018, 17:00
Plaza 1

Plaza 1


Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)


I will review recent progress in the calculation of the Higgs masses in various MSSM scenarios with heavy superparticles. I will describe advances in the calculation of the matching conditions for the couplings of the EFT valid below the SUSY scale, in the combination of the resummed logarithmic corrections obtained in the EFT approach with the existing fixed-order calculations of the Higgs masses, and in the estimation of the residual theoretical uncertainties. I will also describe the implementation of these results in several public codes for the computation of the MSSM mass spectrum.

Parallel Session Precision Calculations and MC tools

Primary author

Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)

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