January 3, 2018 to December 1, 2018
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Slow Control Conference Warsaw 2018.11.09

Multipoint temperature measurement as a way to measure the energy produced inside an ADS reactor.

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B: 215; room 327 (JINR DUBNA)

B: 215; room 327


Joliot Curie 6
Team for the Future of NICA Dubna 2018 TeFeNica-2018


Dr Marcin Bielewicz (Nacional Centre for Nuclear Research)


In the nuclear processes main interest is the level of energy production. The key issue in the design of nuclear reactors is knowledge of the value of energy released, both of safety reasons and energy efficiency of the system. One of the methods of determining this value is a multi-point measurement of temperature change. The goal of this project is to design a measuring system that solves the problem described. Then the manual preparation of the measuring device, make a software for it and to perform a real temperature measurements. We use temperature sensors type Pt 100, and LUMEL measurement modules. The set should be programmed for online working with the computer control. We will use the LabView environment for it.

Description of the exercise:
1. Discussion of the issue of ADS reactors and temperature measurement.
2. Participation in the experiment (if such will take place during the practice), and visiting of experimental site and the accelerators site.
3. Construction of an electronic measuring system (based on ready-made components) based on PT100 platinum sensors and the RS-485 protocol.
4. Create Measuring system software (or upgrade of existing software) using the LabView environment.
5. Calibration of the measuring system.
6. Temperature measurements, normalization of results and their comparison with other results - practical analysis of the obtained results.
7. Preparation the own speech at the end of the student practice and for the conference after that, and preparation the publication together with the practice supervisor based on the obtained results.

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Primary author

Dr Marcin Bielewicz (Nacional Centre for Nuclear Research)

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