IoP APP / HEPP Conference 2018

from Sunday, March 25, 2018 (6:00 PM) to Wednesday, March 28, 2018 (1:35 PM)
University of Bristol

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Mar 25, 2018
Mar 26, 2018
Mar 27, 2018
Mar 28, 2018
9:00 AM
Plenary (until 11:00 AM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:00 AM Welcome   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:15 AM Multi-Messenger Physics - Prof. Patrick Sutton   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:55 AM Gamma Ray Astronomy - Anthony Brown (Durham University)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
10:25 AM Dark Matter: Status and Prospects - Chamkaur Ghag (University College London)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
11:00 AM --- Coffee ---
11:30 AM
Parallel I (until 1:00 PM) (Mott Theatre)
11:30 AM Search for additional heavy neutral Higgs and gauge bosons decaying to di-tau in the ATLAS detector produced with 13 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC - Theodore Zorbas (University of Sheffield (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:45 AM Search for exclusive Higgs and Z boson decays to φγ and ργ with the ATLAS detector - Rhys Edward Owen (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:00 PM Search for boosted ttH(H→bb) with the ATLAS detector - Emma Winkels (University of Sussex (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:15 PM Searching for decays of the Higgs boson to charm quarks at ATLAS - Elliot Reynolds (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:30 PM Searches for additional neutral Higgs bosons in the di-tau final state with the CMS experiment - Daniel Winterbottom (Imperial College (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:30 AM
Parallel II (until 1:00 PM) (Frank Theatre)
11:30 AM Measurement of the CP violating phase, φs, in Run 2 using B⁰s→J/ψK+K− - Konstantin Gizdov (The University of Edinburgh (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
11:45 AM Prospects for K±→π±μ+μ- at the LHCb Experiment - Kristian Alexander Zarebski (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
12:00 PM Status and prospects of the measurement of the pi+mu+mu- form factor with the NA62 experiment at CERN - Christopher John Parkinson (University of Birmingham)   (Frank Theatre)
12:15 PM Measurement of the branching fractions and form factors of K+→π⁰l+ν decays - Mr Stoyan Trilov (University of Bristol (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
12:30 PM Measurement of the K+ -> pi+ gamma gamma decay at NA62 - Maria Brigida Brunetti (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
11:30 AM
Parallel III (until 1:00 PM) (3.34)
11:30 AM Vertex finding for pile-up mitigation in the Phase-2 upgrade of the Level-1 Trigger of CMS - Antoni Shtipliyski (Imperial College (GB))   (3.34)
11:45 AM Gaussian Processes for High Energy Physics - Adam Bozson (Royal Holloway, University of London (GB))   (3.34)
12:00 PM Perspectives for SUSY in light of current LHC constraints - Jonathan Costa (Imperial College London)   (3.34)
12:15 PM QED Parton Distribution Functions - Ricky Nathvani   (3.34)
12:30 PM Positivity Constraints on Self-Interacting Dark Matter - Scott Melville (Imperial College London) Scott Melville (Imperial College, London)   (3.34)
11:30 AM
Parallel IV (until 1:00 PM) (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:30 AM Measuring the Effective Longitudinal Electron Diffusion Coefficient at MicroBooNE - Adam Lister   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:45 AM Calorimetric Energy Scale in the NOvA Detectors - Tyler Alion (University of Sussex)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:00 PM MicroBooNE NC Delta Radiative Single-Photon Search - Robert Murrells   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:15 PM Latest muon neutrino disappearance results from the NOvA experiment - Diana Patricia Mendez (University of Sussex)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:30 PM Comparison of Binned vs. Unbinned Likelihood Analyses for Neutrino Oscillation Measurements in NOvA - Sebastian Bending   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
9:00 AM
Plenary (until 11:00 AM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:00 AM Flavour Physics - Greig Cowan (The University of Edinburgh (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:40 AM Lepton Flavour Physics - Phillip Litchfield (UCL)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
10:20 AM Who ordered that? Interpreting LFUV and other new physics signals from flavour. - Alexander Lenz (IPPP, Durham)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
11:00 AM --- Coffee ---
11:30 AM
Parallel I (until 1:00 PM) (Mott Theatre)
11:30 AM Tagging boosted jets from top quarks and heavy vector bosons using jet substructure and multivariate techniques - Amal Vaidya (University of London (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:45 AM Searches for Resonant and Non-Resonant Higgs Pair Production in the bbtautau Decay Channel with the ATLAS Detector - Emily Charlotte Graham (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:00 PM Searches for heavy ZZ and ZW resonances in the llqq and ννqq final states at 13 TeV in the ATLAS detector - David Philip John Lack (University of Manchester (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:15 PM Measurements of Higgs boson cross sections and couplings in the diphoton decay channel with the CMS experiment - Edward Scott (Imperial College (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
12:30 PM Higgs-to-Invisible Searches for the CMS experiment at the LHC - Mr Riccardo Di Maria (Imperial College (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:30 AM
Parallel II (until 1:00 PM) (Frank Theatre)
11:30 AM Relative branching fraction measurements of B→3h decays - Cayo Costa Sobral (University of Warwick (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
11:45 AM A search for the decay Λb ->pKη' using the LHCb Run I dataset. - Timothy Williams (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
12:00 PM Anti-deuteron measurements at LHCb - Sophie Katherine Baker (Imperial College (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
12:15 PM Searches for doubly charmed baryons at LHCb - Murdo Thomas Traill (University of Glasgow (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
12:30 PM Angular analysis of the decay $\Lambda_{b}^{0}\rightarrow \Lambda \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ - Georgios Chatzikonstantinidis (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
11:30 AM
Parallel III (until 1:00 PM) (3.34)
11:30 AM Optical Calibration of the Hyper-Kamiokande Detector with Test Data in Super-Kamiokande - Lauren Anthony   (3.34)
11:45 AM Gadolinium radiopurity assay programme for Super-Kamiokande - Matthew Thiesse   (3.34)
12:00 PM The Hyper-Kamiokande Outer-Detector : design, performance estimation of background rejection and physics potential - Stephane Alexandre Zsoldos (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR))   (3.34)
12:15 PM Supernova Neutrino Simulations in Hyper-Kamiokande - Jost Migenda (University of Sheffield)   (3.34)
12:30 PM Innovation and Non-Proliferation - Particle Physics for Nuclear Threat Reduction - Elisabeth Kneale   (3.34)
11:30 AM
Parallel IV (until 1:00 PM) (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:30 AM Status of the SuperNEMO double-beta decay experiment - Cheryl Patrick (Northwestern University)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:45 AM Recent Developments in the Spherical Proportional Counter for NEWS-G - Patrick Knights   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:00 PM Sensitivity Studies and Development of the Gas Supply System for the SuperNEMO Experiment - Lauren Dawson   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:15 PM Radon Background Mitigation Strategy for the SuperNEMO Experiment - Fang Xie   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
12:30 PM Search for light Dark Matter with NEWS-G - Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
9:00 AM
Plenary (until 10:35 AM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:00 AM Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiments - Andrzej Michal Szelc (University of Manchester (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
9:30 AM Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments - Asher Kaboth (RHUL/RAL)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
10:00 AM Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Absolute Mass - Elisabeth Falk (University of Sussex (UK))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
10:35 AM --- Coffee ---
11:00 AM
Parallel I (until 12:00 PM) (Mott Theatre)
11:00 AM Search for low mass dijet resonances in association with ISR in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector - Andreas Sogaard (University of Edinburgh (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:15 AM ATLAS Measurement of the Dynamics of Single Proton Dissociation at the LHC - Andrew Geoffrey Foster (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:30 AM The Quest for New Physics, motivated with strong-supersymmetric models, in final states with many hadronic jets in 13 TeV pp collisions at the ATLAS detector - Michael Edward Nelson (University of Oxford (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
11:00 AM
Parallel II (until 12:00 PM) (Frank Theatre)
11:00 AM Search for hidden sectors in kaon decays at the NA62 experiment at CERN - Dr Viacheslav Duk (University of Birmingham)   (Frank Theatre)
11:15 AM Charged Higgs Bosons in Naturally Aligned Two Higgs Doublet Models at the LHC - Emily Orgill (University of Manchester (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
11:30 AM Constraining new physics with standard model measurements - David Yallup (University College London)   (Frank Theatre)
11:00 AM
Parallel III (until 12:00 PM) (Berry Lecture Theatre (3.21))
11:00 AM Commissioning of a Laser Calibration System for SNO+ - Esther Turner   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:15 AM The physics of SNO+ - Dr Edward Leming (University of Oxford)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
11:30 AM Cosmic Muon Induced Neutrons in SNO+ - Billy Liggins   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
6:30 PM
Drinks reception (until 7:30 PM) ()
1:00 PM
APP AGM (until 2:00 PM) (Frank Theatre)
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Parallel I (until 3:45 PM) (Mott Theatre)
2:00 PM Measurement of Z+bb kinematic variables with ATLAS - Chloe Gray (University of Glasgow (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
2:15 PM Searching for invisible phenomena through measurement of events with jets and large missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at ATLAS - Rebecca Hayley Pickles (University of Manchester (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
2:30 PM Measurements of boosted top-quark differential cross-sections in the lepton+jets channel at s=√13 TeV using pp collision data recorded with the ATLAS detector - Michael James Fenton (University of Glasgow (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
2:45 PM Higgsinos and compressed sleptons: opening the soft lepton frontier for new physics at the LHC - Jesse Liu (University of Oxford)   (Mott Theatre)
3:00 PM Dark Matter Searches at CMS - Shane Davy Breeze (Imperial College (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
3:15 PM Search for single top production in association with a Z boson for the dilepton final state in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV in the CMS detector - Corin James Keir Hoad (Brunel University (GB))   (Mott Theatre)
2:00 PM
Parallel II (until 3:45 PM) (Frank Theatre)
2:00 PM Search for the decay B → p+p-μν - Matthew James Tilley (Imperial College (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
2:15 PM Measuring the WW Production Cross-Section at LHCb - Heather Mckenzie Wark (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
2:30 PM Search for Bc→DD decays with the LHCb detector - Alison Maria Tully (University of Cambridge (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
2:45 PM Searching for lepton universality violation and New Physics in rare decays of Lambda baryons at the LHCb. - Ross John Glew (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
3:00 PM Search for K+ to pi+ nu nu at NA62 - Angela Romano (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
3:15 PM Search For Heavy Neutral Lepton Decays At NA62 Experiment At CERN - Lorenza Iacobuzio (University of Birmingham (GB))   (Frank Theatre)
2:00 PM
Parallel III (until 3:45 PM) (3.34)
2:00 PM Sensor Characterisation and Readout for the LHCb VELO Upgrade - Vinicius Franco Lima (University of Liverpool (GB))   (3.34)
2:15 PM 3D Printing Gaseous Radiation Detectors - Samuel Fargher   (3.34)
2:30 PM ATLAS inner detector decommissioning: Tolerance study of robotic components for use in high radiation environment - Alice Cryer (University of Sheffield (GB))   (3.34)
2:45 PM The LHCb VELO Upgrade - Dutta Deepanwita   (3.34)
3:00 PM Bayesian optimisation of the SHiP muon shield - Oliver Lantwin (Imperial College (GB))   (3.34)
3:15 PM Towards the highest precision detector at the LHC - The LHCb Upgrade VELO and Its Performance - Chris Burr (University of Manchester (GB))   (3.34)
2:00 PM
Parallel IV (until 3:45 PM) (Berry Theatre (3.21))
2:00 PM Overview of the ANITA experiment - Linda Cremonesi (Queen Mary University of London)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
2:15 PM Hunting Axionlike Dark Matter by Searching for an Oscillating Neutron Electric Dipole Moment - Nick Ayres (University of Sussex)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
2:30 PM Search for New Physics in Astrophysical Flavor at IceCube - Shivesh Mandalia (Queen Mary University of London)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
2:45 PM Neutrino Interferometry for High-Precision Tests of Lorentz Symmetry with IceCube - Teppei Katori (Queen Mary University of London)   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
3:00 PM Searching for WIMP dark matter with the LZ experiment - Ibles Olcina   (Berry Theatre (3.21))
3:45 PM --- Coffee ---
4:15 PM
Plenary (until 6:15 PM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
4:15 PM Particle Beam Therapy in the UK - Dr Michael Taylor (University of Manchester)   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
4:40 PM Promoting Physics in Developing Countries - Kate Shaw (University of Sussex (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
5:05 PM ECR prize talk. Gravitational-wave astronomy, and the discoveries of LIGO and Virgo - Christopher Berry   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
5:35 PM Status of Neutrino Physics - Dr Frank Deppisch   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
6:15 PM Poster reception   ()
1:00 PM
HEPP AGM (until 2:00 PM) (Frank Theatre)
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Plenary (until 3:30 PM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
2:00 PM Standard Model Measurements at the LHC - Ulla Blumenschein (University of London (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
2:30 PM Higgs Physics at the LHC - Nicholas Wardle (Imperial College (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
3:00 PM New Physics Searches at the LHC - Jim Brooke (University of Bristol (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
3:30 PM --- Coffee ---
4:00 PM
STFC Town Meeting (until 6:00 PM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
7:00 PM --- Dinner ---
12:00 PM
Plenary (until 1:00 PM) (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
12:00 PM IoP Prize Lecture: Charm Physics - Marco Gersabeck (University of Manchester (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)
12:30 PM Collider Physics Beyond the LHC - Victoria Jane Martin (The University of Edinburgh (GB))   (Tyndall Lecture Theatre)