GridPP Ops minutes 23 Jan 2018






LHCb: Broadcast about new cvmfs mount point (/cvmfs/ but

       should be automatic if cvmfs repos are automounted.

      Lost files ticket at IC, due to lost server. LHCb needs to follow up

CMS: xrootd problems. Tickets about xrootd related to presence of IPv6 support

     at the site.

ATLAS: Storage overloading ticket at Glasgow? Increased number of

       connections allowed per SE.

       Ticket for Sheffield, closed and now reopened.

       Ticket opened for RAL at the weekend, about ARC CE 03 instability

       Deletion errors ticket at RAL.

       RAL ticket about problem with transfers, due to overload?

       IC configuration change so can write to QMUL disk. Should be ok

        within existing QMUL 10Gb/s link.



        Request for more capacity for SOLID


GridPP DIRAC status: only a couple of sites not run recently

                     GFAL vs DIRAC problem still being understood

                     Birmingham going to remove CREAM GridPP site 

                       and rely on Vac GridPP site


Meetings and updates


(Points not already mentioned on this week's bulletin)


General updates


Do CMS and ATLAS Singularity requirements match? Glasgow will be

a test of this as they have both.




ATLAS CASTOR at RAL back and believed to be ok now.



-------- has links

Intel have fix for instability introduced by microcode changes

Sites are requested to monitor the situation eg via that wiki page and apply

appropriate updates on the timescales requested




Perfsonar tests show order of magnitude differences between sites. Some

sites have been contacted for more information.


Steve Lloyd's network tests also available:


Have to be careful because sites may optimise for SE to remote SE rather

than SE to remote WN at random site. eg WNs might be on NAT with a good

connection internally but poorer route to the WAN. Some experiments (eg

CMS and LHCb are streaming already. eg LHCb failover or when stripping

at larger Tier-2s where data is streamed in and out of the WNs without

using site storage.)




See detailed Bulletin comments


GDB review


Please look at the agenda for

links to slides


Chatroom log



Daniela Bauer: (23/01/2018 11:04)

Raja Nandakumar: (11:12 AM)

Thanks Daniela

Jeremy Coles: (11:16 AM)

John Hill: (11:19 AM)

Aren't RHUL in downtime?

Duncan Rand: (11:19 AM)

Yes.. they are in downtime for Network maintenance for last 5 days.

Jeremy Coles: (11:20 AM)

Yes. But intermittent.

David Crooks: (11:35 AM)

Mark Slater: (11:41 AM)

I'm afraid I've got to head off - email me of there's any bham specific stuff!

Jeremy Coles: (11:45 AM)

Paige Winslowe Lacesso: (11:59 AM)

Sorry sorry, must go - email me if any brizzle-specific data

Jeremy Coles: (12:01 PM)

Daniela Bauer: (12:21 PM)

Sorry, I've got to go.

Jeremy Coles: (12:21 PM)